Drowsy Driving

a man driving rubbing his eyes
a man driving rubbing his eyes

Almost Home

"Almost Home" - all 4 films

(18:12 total running time)

"Rusty's Regret"


Rusty drove off the road on his way home after prom. Only moments from his home, his car crossed the center line, hit an embankment and flipped over, leaving Rusty paralyzed.

"Tom & Jane"


Tom fell asleep at the wheel while driving home with his wife, Jane. Almost home, he slipped into a 4-second micro-sleep, crashed his car and killed Jane.

"Kevin's Dad"


Kevin, riding his bicycle near home, was hit by a shift worker returning from work after her night shift.

"Maggie's Law"


Maggie was driving to work when she was killed in a head-on collision. Her death led to Maggie's Law in New Jersey, the first state to recognize drowsy driving as illegal.

Recognizing the Drowsy Driver

Breakin' Nite

(8:45 total running time)

Breakin' Nite helps young adults recognize warning signs and make healthy lifestyle choices. 

A Father's Loss

(5:00 total running time)

Shows parents and friends positive ways to intervene and reduce risks of drowsy driving. 


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